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Las Vegas Peccole Little League

Las Vegas Peccole Little League

The Standard of Excellence

Peccole Little League

Peccole Little League is a part of District 4 of Southern Nevada. We offer Little League Baseball to boys and girls ranging from ages 4-15.  Peccole Little League offers the ability for children to learn the positive values of good sportsmanship, fair play, and teamwork.

This plan is an addition to the 2020 safety plan on file with Little League International and is designed to create a safe environment for a return to practice activities for all of the Players, Coaches, Volunteers and members of their households and/or immediate families of Peccole Little League while using our dedicated fields. This plan follows all CDC, Local, State and Little League International rules and/or guidelines in regards to COVID-19 as well as some additional precautions enacted by Peccole Little League. This plan is intended to be fluid and will be reviewed and adjusted in the event any changes to the previously mentioned rules and/or guidelines occur. All participants at practices must adhere to these guidelines or they risk forfeiting their privilege to participate in future practices. The intent is not to punish any participants but rather create the safest environment with the lowest amount of risk possible while still allowing for fun and informative instruction. This plan will be distributed to every Family and Volunteer of Peccole Little League, Nevada District 4 Administrators, Little League International, City and County Representatives, and every new player registration to Peccole Little League via email, our website and social media pages. Additionally, all Managers and Coaching Staffs will be notified via coaches meetings. Any changes to this plan will be immediately distributed via the means described above to all individuals listed above. All Parents of active Players, Coaches and Volunteers will receive and must sign an acknowledgement form/waiver stating that they have received this safety plan and they agree to abide by it before being allowed to practice.

A safety plan for returning to play games will be distributed in addition to this safety plan once there has been approval for game play.

2020 Spring / Fall Season Registration Is Now Open

This registration session is for new players not previously registered for the Spring 2020 season.  IF YOU ALREADY REGISTERED IN THE SPRING AND ARE ON A TEAM, PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER AGAIN.  We are continuing the Spring 2020 that was suspended and postponed.  There is room to add players and/or teams as some players will not be returning and many players play the fall season only.

We plan on hosting  a modified season starting the first week in September.  Practices are anticipated to start on Aug 10th with games starting Sept 8th.  We have clearance to obtain the fields as well as host youth practices at this time.  We have not been cleared for playing games and won't be able to until the clearance is given.

If no clearance is given, there is a chance the season will be practices only, which is better than nothing as the kids will have the practice time necessary as they move up in age for Spring 2021.  If the season is started late, it may be a shortened amount of games played or possibly a couple of tournaments if pushed back to late to hold a season.

The situation is fluid, but ultimately the goal is to get the kids back out on the baseball diamond and outside doing what they enjoy most, playing baseball.

Please be advised that if the season is cancelled AFTER RESTARTING due to Covid-19 some expenses may be incurred up front such as fields/lights and insurance, etc and will not eligible for a refund.  Any refunds would be the registration amount paid minus expenses incurred prior to the date of cancellation.  This would only apply once we started practicing and then was forced to stop otherwise a full refund will be issued.

Uniforms are a work in progress as our jersey vendor that we ordered this seasons uniforms from is not accepting orders at this time.  We will do our best to get a jersey to closely match the team.  A matching Peccole logo hat shouldn't be an issue, but you never know.  There will be teams merging and uniforms crossing over,  so don't worry if one may not match the rest, we anticipate it being mismatched to some extent league wide.  It's a season of making things work.

Any questions regarding this policy, please reach out and we'll answer them to the best of our ability.














Thank you to our wonderful sponsors!!!

We cannot thank you enough for this sponsorship. It means the world to us.

Las Vegas Peccole Little League

Las Vegas Peccole Little League

The Standard of Excellence